Be Active, Be yourself – Be an Entrepreneur!

The project brough together 30 participants and 4 leaders from 10 countries and was be held in Podkylava – Slovak Republic from 20 to 27 October 2013. The aim of the project was to equip youth leaders and youth workers with tools and competences to empower the youngsters with a mix of soft skills and entrepreneurial competences in order to be able to support them in facing the challenge of entering the labour market.

The TC will approach this issue from three different angles: with the first one we explored the problems related to employment/unemployment, the connection between this phenomena and social exclusion/inclusion, by sharing information and best practices in youth projects and country realities. Here we deepened the meaning of empowerment of youngsters with fewer opportunities and how this affects the various sectors of the society (economy, politics, education and health). The second angle was dedicated to give concrete tools to the participants in order to provide them with soft skill that helped them in working with youngsters and in transferring them these important skills for employability.
The third angle was dedicated to take concrete action and to plan follow up new project ideas.

The theme of the project was related to the fact that we believe that formal and traditional competences can help youngsters in holding an interview but soft skills can help them to get a job.

In this frame the objectives of the training course were to increase competencies of youth leaders/workers who are working with youngsters with fewer opportunities or socially excluded by providing different tools for empowerment. Youth employment, entrepreneurship, managerial and leadership skills were important concepts that we were explored in our training.
The methodology of the training was based in non formal education approach with concrete methods such as: small working groups, role plays, simulation exercises, debates, collages, presentations, ranking and other methods of non formal education.

Project title: Be Active, Be yourself – Be an Entrepreneur!
Programme: Youth in Action
Coordinator: SIEDAS – Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Association of Slovakia
Contact: Ing. Lucia Richterova
Duration: August 2013 – January 2014

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