Discover Ukraine in July

Are you interested in meeting new people from different countries, cultures and learn through fun and friendship? This article is something you must read immediately. We are searching for 4 active youngesters from Slovakia, who are excited to participate in following project in the July 2014.

More about our project:

 „Caught In the Web: social media tools for youth“ is a youth exchange that will gather together 42 youngsters from 6 different countries of Europe and European Eastern and Caucasus(EECA), the youth exchange will last 7 days and will be held in Ukraine. The aim of this YE is to foster the use of the Social Media and other new technologies in an effective and safety way to promote active participation and help social inclusion. The concrete objectives will be to explore social media and other useful tools for maintaining partnerships, promoting causes, developing innovative solutions to improve the abilities of the youngsters at a personal and professional level. Furthermore, the youngsters will face also the privacy and security management in those platforms. All this topics will be tackled through the use of non formal and informal education, in activities like icebreakers, games, theater, role plays, brainstormings and many others they will deepen the main theme of the youth exchange.

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