About us

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Association of Slovakia – SIEDAS is a non-governmental, voluntary, interest and non-profit association that devotes its attention particularly to young people who want to find out their talent, discover the spirit of entrepreneurship and principles of sustainable society.

Within this objective and through its activities, association helps to create a student culture, which bears elements of the study, an active approach to fulfilment of life goals, relaxation and exploring of new things to broaden young people’s horizons and facilitate their entry into the labour market.

Our aims are realized through non-formal learning of students who are developing a student information portal, which focuses on 20.000 students in Nitra these days. Students help to students and try to fill the vision of a tool which navigates new students at university as well as provide necessary and helpful information about study and students life during school for all students, while gives an assistance to graduates for a new beginning. Portal offers huge amount of opportunities how to attract group of young people of age 19 – 28. We have a strong support of Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra where we work. SIEDAS cooperate on its activities with academic senate, management of university, student parliament, teachers and various university departments. We started to spread our activities and support national initiative of Iuventa, KomPrax, which leads to recognition of non-formal learning in Slovakia.

SIEDAS wants to realize these objectives through:

  • Support and promotion of opportunities for young people;
  • Organization of educational and recreational activities, workshops, trainings, consultations, seminars, conferences, networking meetings and other events (with international participation as well) in order to improve entrepreneurial and business skills and support young people’s potential;
  • Involvement in local, national, European and international programs and projects;
  • Publications in press and media, as well as through the publication of educational materials;
  • Membership in national and international associations;
  • Working with similar organizations in Slovakia, EU and non-EU countries to transfer know-how and experience;
  • Creating a space for non-formal education and experimental learning.