How Kvetka found her fairytale in Estonia

When you least expect it, miracles happen. My miracle was Erasmus plus, new option in life that can give you a lot. One day just by an accident i happened to see a presentation by organisation SIEDAS, that sends young people on Erasmus plus. I have never heard about such a possibility before. You can travel, get to know new places and people and also learn something? I decided to try it and it was one of the best ideas in my life.


Me, looking for a way in my life needed to just make a step forward. After few days i got an mail that i was chosen and i will be going to Estonia soon. The topic of project was wonderful. Just like made for me. The name of project was Secret library: Chapter 2 and it was about storytelling, legends and fairytales. I was really lucky because one of my best friends was chosen too so i was not going alone. We met in front of the airport in Vienna with Noro and Lucia from Slovak team and started this wonderful journey. We had 3 hours in Riga so we went to explore an old part of the city. Next stop was Tallinn, capital of Estonia.

Finally, we arrived to Estonia even though one day before the start of the project. We visited beautiful places there, artistic Cafés, cosy restaurants, churches and we saw a lot more and then it came, start of the project.

Our last team member Anežka came just in time. I was really surprised, everything was going so smoothly, everyone was so nice. Then we introduced to each other and soon we all become friends. We learned about storytelling, national legends, cultures, languages but also about Erasmus plus, training courses, youth exchanges. We were making videos, drawing, representing our countries but in the evenings we had a lot of fun. Project was around 31. October so Halloween costume party was a must do, but that was not an only party there. For me one party was unforgettable and it was a birthday party of our facilitator that gave me a feeling that i can make people smile and i think it is really a good reason to live.


The outcome of this project was an european legend. It was a combination of national legends of 9 countries that were there: Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Macedonia, Poland, Romania. We decided to make a short film. After a screenplay was written, it was beautiful to see everyone working so hard. We were divided into groups. First was group for locations, these people were responsible for locations that would be used and also for recording, then performers were responsible for ending dance and they were working together with people responsible for music and the last group was making all costumes and accessories. Everything was lead by Domenico, our director. We were stressed, cried, laughed, but it was worth all this effort. We made it on time and time for saying goodbye came. That were really sad moments of my life, but when it comes to people from this project i can say that it is not goodbye, but see you later.

This project gave me a lot, it helped me to overcome my fear of talking in front of people and it gave me a new direction for my future life. I think that everyone should go to Erasmus plus, meet people and live such a fairytale as i did. So, thank you, SIEDAS, Lucka for being our leader, Aleksandar and Viktoria for this project and everyone for being there and doing it the best as it was.


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