YE “Improve Your Productivity By Raising Mental Health”, 26 November – 3 December 2016, Riga, Latvia

The main aim of the project is to improve studying and working productivity, level of social participating and leadership of youth by raising their mental health and brain capacities.

We will get acknowledged and practice different types of meditation, have daily yoga practices make excersises for improving brain work.

This YE will be based on methods of non-formal educations and everything will be done to provide comfortable, interesting and effective working and leisure atmosphere.

Every participant is supposed to be surrounded by young people from diverse cultures and nations, to get new knowledge, to improve his/her professional level as youth worker in the field of social exclusion, to learn about the features and opportunities of the Erasmus+ program, and will be involved in other positive options.

36 participants from 6 countries: Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey, Portugal, Latvia

Profile of participants:

-the age 18-27 years (for leaders there is no age limit)


-Accommodation & Food & Training – FREE

-Travels – reimbursed up to 170 e

Please consult us before buying your ticket so we can confirm you it is ok!
Travel must be economy/2nd class for plane, train or bus ticket. Please travel the most economical way possible.


All the participants must hold valid insurance that cover damage to third parties. You are free to choose your own insurance but make sure you send us a copy of it before 25th of October 2016. The European Health Insurance Card is not enough of an assurance for participating in this project. It is the participant’s responsibility to have a travel insurance and a health insurance.

Please read more information about this workshop below and if you are interested, fill this application form!

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