A New Deal – Networking for Employability

SIEDAS sa koncom roku 2013 zúčastnil na medzinárodnom stretnutí projektu A New Deal – Networking for Employability, ktorý je financovaný programom Mládež v akcii (Youth In Action). Mission completed a organizácie spolupracujú už na ďaľšej príprave nových projektov pre mládež.
Stretnutie sa uskutočnilo 12-18 November 2012 na Sardínii v Taliansku.

Krátky opis v anglickom jazyku:
„This partnership building activity gathered representatives from European youth organizations and took place in Nurri, in the Italian region of Sardinia, one particularly affected by the global youth employment crisis.
Participating organizations discussed solutions for the current situation and support the European strategies for boosting employability, remarkably to what regards “investing in skills training and anticipating future job requirements” such as the EC recommended in the recent Employment package of 19/04/2012.
The main result was the creation of strong synergies of cooperation between non-governmental organizations already established and others with a lower level of experience that may benefit from the support of more experienced associations. This network will be potentiated by an online platform where members and followers can share their successful experiences and their own strategies regarding the action of civil society in the fight against.”

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