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„Organisational management is the way“ is a youth mobility which will be hosted in Nitra, Slovakia in spring 2016. Project will create space for 31 participants from 9 EU countries (Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Germany).  Participants will deal with the topic of organisational management, try to look on it from different angles and combine management of youth organisations through coaching method. Project wants to support youth leaders, youth workers and young people with potential to be active in social work by theoretical knowledge as well as by practice which is included into project design. Project focuses on organisational management of youth organisations and focus on crucial issues which influence project management, decision making, creating of partnership, important competences necessary for managing organisation and project management especially in youth field. Mobility will create space for sharing experience, open-mind thinking, intercultural dialogue, creating partnerships and foster active participation and citizenship of young people. Activities of the project are based on non-formal education techniques such as coaching, simulations, peer to peer, experimental learning, games, learning by doing, etc. Project support entrepreneurial way of thinking as participants will create tangible outcomes and have to transform ideas into reality and another goal of the project is to prepare booklet which is perfect demonstration of involvement into process of creating tangible result. Mobility will also support young people who are not involved in the third sector to be active citizen through work in the non-governmental organisations.

Profile of participants:

– youth workers, project managers, activists, volunteers,
– NGO managers, people oriented focused on human resources
– youngsters with experience in organisational management
– curious youngsters motivated to learn more about the topic of the project.
– working language English (at least medium level of speaking and writing)

As usual 100% of accommodation and food costs as well as costs to organise the whole training course are covered, therefore FREE for participants.

Travel costs – reimbursement of participants will be done due to limits set by EU (find more

Reimbursement policy:
Each participant will receive 50% of the total reimbursement after the presentation of all official documents (boarding passes, invoices, bus/train tickets, …) at the end of the training course.
The rest 50% will be sent only after participants done the follow-up activities (such as send us the tickets on their way back home via post or dissemination of project results).

Please find number of participants and total cost of tickets for reimbursement according countries and project design:

Number of Participants  –  Reimbursement limit/per participant

Lithuania –  3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Romania – 3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Italy – 4 ppl    –    275 Eur
Portugal – 3 ppl    –    360 Eur
Bulgaria – 3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Greece – 4 ppl    –    275 Eur
Estonia – 3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Germany – 3 ppl – 275 Eur
To apply for this training course please fill following application form.

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