Správa z Lotyšského projektu “Improve Your Productivity by Raising Mental Healh”

Youth Exchange “Improve Your Productivity by Raising Mental Healh”, 26 November – 3 December 2016, Riga, Latvia.

Youth Line Latvia team is happy to share good news. The Youth Exchange “Improve Your Productivity by Raising Mental Healh” which took place in Riga, Latvia from 26th November till 3rd of December 2016 was successfully implemented. Altogether, 36 people, from 6 different countries The Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Lithuania and Portugal we achieved great results!

The main aim of the project was to improve studying and working productivity, level of social participating and leadership by raising mental health and brain capacities of youth participating.
According to the aim our team set up several objectives such as

• highlighting the most common obstacles and issues which influent psychological condition of young people (such as unemployment, exclusion, poverty, everyday stress, miscomprehension in social relations and many others) and cause stress and depression, thus decreasing productivity in all spheres of life;
• sharing theory about meditation (and other related practices) and show a connection between using it and becoming confident and irresistible to inside and outside negative factors;
• learning how to use and practice technique of meditation in order to achieve improvements in mental and physical condition;
• fostering young people to apply gained cognitive effects, knowledge, skills and attitudes to become active and successful citizens;
• stimulating young people to share new positive experience among their communities and to launch new youth initiatives or projects;
• developing positive attitudes such as mutual dialogue and understanding, as well as creativity, participation and intercultural learning skills of the participants;
• promoting the accessibility of the Erasmus + Program for young people with fewer opportunities.

In the end of the project we made sure that the topic of YE is extremely actual and needed. And all objectives were achieved.

All the process were based on methods of non-formal education with usage of the most recent discoveries in innovative learning.

Disclaimer: This YE was organized by non-governmental and not for profit Public Organization “Youth Line” and supported by Latvian Agency for International Programs for Youth and Erasmus+.


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