Support Opportunities For Training Skills Workshop in Italy

montecatini-ilustracny-obrazok1SIEDAS is looking for 4 young people interested in taking part in workshop held in Italy from 23th of August – 1st of September  2015 entitled Support Opportunities For Training Skills!!!

This workshop will bring together 27  participants from 9 European countries. The training will be held in Montecatini, Italy for 8 working days. Participants background is: Youth workers, project managers, activists, volunteers who are engaged and active in each partner organization.

Please read more information about this workshop below and if you are interested, fill this application form!

– To contribute to youth worker’s social and professional growth by offering knowledge and practical tools for developing soft skills and transfer them to target group they are working in each organizations
– To explore the concepts of social inclusion, employment, soft skills, youngsters with fewer opportunities and share best practices among youth workers in inclusion and employability projects
– To develop participants competencies how to work concretely to develop soft skills
and empower young people from disadvantage backgrounds in long term perspective
– To create future and sustainable partnership between partners with a multiplying effect for members of each participating organizations
– To present to participants Erasmus + programme and opportunities it offer as a great tool for personal, professional and social development of young generation

Methodology that we will use shall lead to equal and active participation of all participants. To increase active participation of young people during the training will be used different exercises combination of individual and team work, learner-centred ways, theoretical inputs and exercises. At the same time we will leave space for them to act, to practice what they will learn. We will make simulation where the participants have to take the lead so they can experience in practice what we will explain them by theory.

The project aim to equip young people with skills and competences such as soft skill  improvement, empowerment skills, sense of initiative, creativity, autonomy and teamwork. These skills and competences will be beneficial for participants for future initiatives, also helping young people become more aware of self-employment as a career option.

Working Methods:
The methodology will include communication based methods (interaction, dialogue, open discussions), activity based methods (sharing experience, practice and experimentation), socially focused methods (partnerships, teamwork, networking) and self directing methods (creativity, discovery, responsibility, action).
Participants Profile:
The participants we would like to invite in the training should have the following criteria:
• Trainers, youth leaders, youth workers, project mangers, activists who have some experience and wish to develop their knowledge and competence in employability and soft skills;
• Youth workers, leaders and multipliers active within formal and non-formal education systems;
• Motivated Youth workers, who can share their experiences with other participants;
• Young people who can share the information about their organization, institution and about the training activities in which they have been involved;
• Young people who can work in English and are over 20 years old.

Policy for Travel Reimbursement

Maximum travel reimbursement for participants from Slovakia: 275 €

Each participant will receive after the presentation of all the official documents (Boarding Passes and Invoices) the 65% of the total reimbursement.
The rest, the 35% will be given to the participants at the end date of the project 60 days after activity ends. So only after they have done the follow-up activities and dissemination of results.

Preparation before training :
Prior to the training course each country group will be asked to prepare their country overview about the Youth unemployment and inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities and present during the training course.

Participants will have to prepare presentation of NGO. During the training course will be intercultural evening. Country delegation will have to bring traditional food and drinks , music, games , dance 🙂

Accommodation and Food:

Participants will be informed about the venue two weeks before the training course. Participants will be provided 3 meals a day, as well as coffee breaks. Dietary needs such as vegetarianism will of course be taken into consideration as much as possible. Please be however open-minded and curious to Italian cousin.

We recommend you to bring with you the European Sanitary Card in order to be safe in case of emergency.


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