Yes THEY CARE! – Slovakia

The project Yes THEY CARE! will involve more than 30 participants, young people, youth workers and facilitators, who will meet in Nitra, Slovakia. The mobility will create space where they through non-formal education can work together on the topics such as conflict management and peace building. Project point out on generation Y, which is considered as a very strong, ambitious, keen on knowledge generation which is open to changes, generation which like to lead an want to be heard. Those people are willing to be part of experiments like to prepare innovative alternatives and being part of groups where non-formal education tools are used. Aim of this project is to work on different approaches in conflict management, understanding and raise an issue of harmony and peace. Participants will develop ways of work-forms in conflict management. The mobility will create a space for open-mind communication and changes in traditional thinking, all by attendance of generation Y. Methodology of the project is based on non-formal education techniques, experimental learning, coaching and non-violent communication games, learning by doing, simulations and self-expression. Activities will lead to publishing of educational material which can be used also by other people within the partners NGO’s or other networks. Project will have three phases: Awareness, Fusion and Launch. We believe that to learn young person to see things from various perspective change perceiving of life and decision making in general.

Profile of participants:

– youth workers, project managers, activists, volunteers,
– people who are familiar with Peace-Building (with theoretical knowledge or who have worked in this field),
– people with knowledge in the coaching field,
– curious youngsters motivated to learn more about the topic of the project.

– working language English (at least medium level of speaking and writing)
– gender balance (follow as much as possible, e.g.: 2 male + 1 female or 1 male + 2 female per country)
– do not forget to include participants with fewer opportunities (for example: geographical, economic obstacles or cultural differences)

As usual 100% of accommodation and food costs as well as costs to organise the whole training course are covered, therefore FREE for participants.

Travel costs – reimbursement of participants will be done due to limits set by EU (find more

Reimbursement policy:
Each participant will receive 50% of the total reimbursement after the presentation of all official documents (boarding passes, invoices, bus/train tickets, …) at the end of the training course.
The rest 50% will be sent only after participants done the follow-up activities (such as send us the tickets on their way back home via post or dissemination of project results).

Please find number of participants and total cost of tickets for reimbursement according countries and project design:

Number of Participants  –  Reimbursement limit/per participant

Slovakia – 5 ppl   – 0 Eur

Turkey –  3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Greece – 3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Croatia – 3 ppl    –    180 Eur
Spain – 3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Poland – 4 ppl    –    180 Eur
Bulgaria – 3 ppl    –    275 Eur
Italy – 4 ppl    –    275 Eur

Czech Republic – 4 ppl – 180 Eur

To apply for this training course please fill following application form.

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