Youth Exchange „Y.E.S. – Youth Employability Seeds“

O čo ide? Viac ako 35 mladých ľudí zo 7 krajín EU sa vďaka programu Erasmus+ stretne na projekte, kde sa budú preberať témy súvisiace s kariérou mladých ľudí, o problémoch zamestnať sa hneď po škole, ako je to v iných krajinách, čo treba vedieť aby bol človek úspešný, aké príležitosti na teba čakajú a ty o nich možno nevieš.

Dátum: 20. – 29. Marec 2017

Miesto: Chieti-Pescara (Abruzzo, Italy)

Podmienky: 4 Slováci do 30 rokov, angličtina na komunikačnej úrovni

Summary of the project:

Y.E.S. Youth Employability Seeds” is an 8 days youth exchange course that’s will take place in the metropolitan area Chieti-Pescara (Italy) and will involve 7 EU partners’ organisations. The topic of the YE was born by the needs of the current difficulties of entering labor market and it will be based on non-formal education, intercultural dialogue and communication and will be conducted using interactive and participative approach. The youth exchange will stimulate active participation, and sense of initiative and involvement of the learners. Youngsters will explore current situations in European countries regarding unemployment and discuss the need for sustainable and inclusive solutions to address the problem

The objectives of the youth exchange are:

  • to help youth to develop and acknowledge soft skills and other skills that are necessary for communication and implementation of tools of self-promotion and presentation in the employment market.
  • Promote youth work and non-formal education in it as an added value to employability
  • Acquire knowledge and tools about teamworking, conflict management, problem-solving, public speaking and communication through NFE
  • Promote active participation, volunteering and raising awareness of opportunities for youth
  • to promote the use of Youthpass as a tool for the recognition of non-formal competences acquired during Erasmus+ youth projects
  • to develop solidarity and tolerance among young people and foster mutual understanding between people in different countries. The project is designed to raise awareness and develop an understanding of the importance of employability and employability skills, strengthen the competences of young people with difficulties in the job market. It will help young people to build self-confidence, learn their strengths and weaknesses, analyse life-experiences and learn from them and informing them about the importance of soft skills. The youth exchange will lead to various results, among others knowledge, skills and attitudes gained by the participants, which will help them to be gain soft skills and adopt to current labor market.


Accommodation & Food & Training – FREE (financed by ERASMUS+ grant)

Travels – reimbursed up to 170 E

Please read more information about this workshop below and if you are interested, fill this application form!

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